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To make a physical attack, a character rolls for a total with a skill such as energy weapons, fire combat, heavy weapons, melee weapons, missile weapons, or unarmed combat. The DN is the defenders dodge for ranged attacks. In close combat, the DN is melee weapons if the foe is armed with an appropriate weapon or unarmed combat if hes not. Rifles used as clubs count as appropriate for defense. Crossbows, bows, or pistols that cannot easily block do not. If the attack is equal to or greater than the targets matching defensive skill, the attack causes Damage.



Ranged Attacks

Ranged weapons have Short, Medium, and Long values listed in their description. Attacks at longer ranges are more difficult than those up close, and subtract from the action total as detailed below.

Range Penalties

Modifier Range
0 Short
-2 Medium
-4 Long
-8 Extreme*

*In the right circumstances (lighting, terrain, etc.), and at the Game Masters discretion, weapons can fire up to twice their Long Range.