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Each player receives a Cosm card at the beginning of each act. If a player has a Cosm card left over from the previous act, it must be discarded and a new one drawn (the GM should shuffle all the cards for the current cosm and re-deal). Cosm cards are not Destiny Cards. They dont count against the players hand size and they never go into the Action Pool. They can be played whenever the card says is appropriate.

Cosm cards reflect certain themes and World Laws of the current area. Some have negative effects in exchange for Possibilities for the hero or even the entire group. Others might reveal secrets or lost treasures, or have an effect on the story or the character herself. In a Mixed Zone the player may choose which cosm to draw from.

Changing Cosms

Entering a new cosm typically takes place at the beginning of an act, but if not, players who still have Cosm cards must discard them. They then receive a replacement card for the new cosm. In effect, players can never have Cosm cards that dont match the cosm they're currently in. Players who already used their Cosm card for the act don't receive new ones.