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If a physical attack is successful, the attacker causes the damage value of his weapon, which depends on its type:

  • Firearm: Fixed value
  • Melee Weapon: Strength + Fixed value
  • Unarmed: Strength

See Gear for specific values and any other special attributes weapons may have.

Resolving Damage

If an attack hits, compare the damage total to the targets Toughness.

Damage Results Table

Damage Over Toughness Effect
-6 or more No Effect
-5 to -1 1 Shock
0 to 4 2 Shock
5 to 9 2 Shock, 1 Wound
10 to 14 4 Shock, 2 Wounds
15 to 19 6 Shock, 3 Wounds
20 to 24 8 Shock, 4 Wounds

...and so on

Another way to figure the damage result is that every five points of damage over a targets Toughness causes a Wound and two Shock. Attacks below Toughness (but within 5 points) cause 1 Shock, and attacks that equal or exceed Toughness but dont cause a Wound cause 2 Shock.

Bonus Dice

A Good success on an attack adds a Bonus Die or BD to the damage result. An Outstanding success adds +2BD. If a Bonus Die shows the Eternity symbol (or a 6 if using a standard d6), the result is 5 and the attacker rolls again and adds it to the total. Keep rolling and adding 5 each time the eternity symbol is rolled. Player character Storm Knights can also add Destiny Card effects to the damage total to take down really tough foes.