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A characters physical endurance determines how much damage she can sustain, but it is her will to live that keeps her in the fight. When a character suffers Wounds beyond to her maximum, she must make an immediate standard (DN 10) Strength or Spirit test (whichever is lowest) and consult the results below:

  • Failure: The victim dies. He immediately gets one final, dramatic action before expiring. He may ignore his Wound penalties for this last heroic effort.
  • Standard: The character is Knocked Out and suffers a permanent Injury (see below).
  • Good: The Storm Knight is Knocked Out. He suffers an Injury that lasts until all his Wounds are healed.
  • Outstanding: The hero is Knocked Out.



When a character sustains an Injury, one of her attributes (her choice) is reduced by 1. If this would reduce an attribute below 5, choose a different attribute instead. The player should work with the Game Master to describe the injury based on the type of damage sustained. It doesn't have to directly correspond to any particular Wound the victim suffered in the fight. It might be the result of cumulative damage or simple shock to the system.

Character Death

If a character dies, its generally appropriate for her companions to say a few kind words, sing her praises, or tell a story of some epic or humorous deed. Use the event to bring the rest of the party even closer, celebrate the legacy of the fallen, and welcome a new hero to the fold. The player should make a new character with the same Experience Points as the rest of the party. The Game Master can work her in when it makes the most sense in the story.