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Cards from the Destiny Deck are dealt out to the player characters at the beginning of each scene and can be played to boost their actions.


Destiny Hand

Characters start each scene with four Destiny cards in their hand. Destiny cards can be played at any time when the game is not proceeding in rounds. If the game is proceeding in rounds (usually due to combat), players must first build an Action Pool from their hand before cards can be played. This builds drama and forces tactical choices by the group as they build up their individual pools.


Players pick up all the cards in their pool at the end of each battle and reduce their hands down to four cards if they had more than that. At the end of each scene players with less than four cards draw up to four. After that, all players may discard one card and draw back up to four.


Trading Cards

Players may trade cards from their hands when the game is not in rounds, and from their pools when it is. In combat, they may trade at any time, whether its their turn or not. In either case, cards must be traded one for one; players cant just give cards to others.


Action Pools

At the end of each players turn, she may place one card from her hand onto the table in front of her as part of her Action Pool. Pool cards are always played face-up for all to see, and may then be played at any time even immediately (if applicable). Destiny cards stack with one another unless otherwise noted. For example, a player might use two Coup de Grace on a single attack to get +2BD damage. Saving up a large combo of cards like this is often necessary to take on very powerful foes.

The Critical Moment

Once per act, as a free action, a player may play her entire hand directly into her pool. This is called playing for the Critical Moment. These cards must be used to immediately affect one characters actions, either the one who played them or an ally. Any cards that aren't used are discarded, meaning the players hand and pool are both completely empty after playing for the Critical Moment so make sure its worth it!