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The Difficulty Number, or DN, is the total a character needs to succeed at a task. If a heros total equals or exceeds the DN after any modifiers, shes successful. The Standard DN is 10, but sometimes the DN might be a targets skill or attribute instead. Taunting someone, for example, uses the foes own taunt skill as its Difficulty Number. If a test is asked for and the DN isnt listed, assume its 10.

Sometimes the total is already calculated for you, such as the DNs needed to successfully cast spells, miracles, and psionics.


Difficulty Modifiers

Circumstances may add or subtract from the characters action total (again, modifiers never affect the die roll just the total).
Heres a descriptive list of modifiers the GM can use to make a task more or less difficult.

Difficulty Modifiers Modifier Adjusted DN Task Description
+4 6 Very Easy
+2 8 Easy
0 10 Standard
-2 12 Challenging
-4 14 Hard
-6 16 Very Hard
-8 18 Heroic
-10 20 Near Impossible