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Explosives and other area effects can harm or affect anyone in their listed Blast Radius. Since Torg Eternity doesn’t require the use of miniatures to know exactly where every target is, use this simplified method to determine who or what actually gets hit by the explosion or effect. Area effect attacks affect a number of targets based on the size of their listed Blast Size. If it’s important, larger or smaller characters or creatures might count for more or less targets.

The GM should also alter the number of targets affected for specific circumstances. Adjacent or engaged characters are included with the original target and don't count against the total. A horde of gospog packed into a narrow hallway, for example, might mean three are adjacent to one another, and all hit by a Small Blast. An advancing infantry squad carefully spread out and using cover might halve the number hit or reduce it to a single individual.

The attacker should usually target a specific group—such as the insidious Wu Han or his minions—but the GM should adjust this based on the situation. If the edeinos shaman stands far back from the attacking warriors, for example, the player must choose five warriors or the shaman. If their leader is a warrior in the thick of his pack, it makes sense that all could be affected at once.

Area Effect Targets

Size Affected Examples
Small 1 Micro grenades, AP mines
Medium 3 Frag grenades, HE tank rounds, mortar round
Large 5 Claymore, small bomb
Very Large 10 Medium bomb
Huge 15 Large bomb

Making the Attack

Once the attacker has determined who might be affected, roll a single attack test with the appropriate skill. If nobody is hit, the area affect attack is assumed to have scattered in a way that doesn’t harm anyone. All of those who get hit take damage or have the effect applied normally, including any Bonus Damage. Any armor covering the torso applies. Characters who take an Active Defense are able to jump into cover against the blast (use the Cover Chart as a guide).

Friendly Fire

Any friendly characters engaged in melee or otherwise determined to be in close proximity to the targets are hit as well—and don’t count against the total number affected. Use those explosives carefully!