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The Cassandra Files

The Cassandra Files are a series of PDFs detailing potential rule changes and new rules that may or may not be used in the future.

These rules are not considered official until actually published in a print product, PDF, or the Torg Eternity FAQ.

We encourage GMs and players to give these a try and let us know how feedback and questions on the Ulisses Spiele Torg Rules Discord Server.

Cassandra Files #1 (updated July 16, 2021)

Torg Eternity Errata

Items in bold and indicated by [NEW] have been added after April 1, 2020

Torg Eternity 1.5

Torg Eternity 1.5 is a planned update to the rules (no timeline as of this moment). When errata is needed, and addresses a rule that likely will be changed, it will will be tagged with [#TE1.5].



  • Page 15. Last paragraph. Replace 2nd sentence with “… consisting of a Dominant inner core, and a Mixed outer ring.”
  • Page 33. Replace "As the populace began to accept his benevolence, Malraux called forth the GodNet." with "Cybernetics were not the only change that occurred in the early days of the invasion."
  • Page 69. Add the following to the end of the Attributes section: "Unless otherwise directly stated, temporary attribute increases or decreases do not modify Toughness or Shock."
  • Page 85. Dragon Warrior. Replace the beginning of the last sentence of the second paragraph with: “It counts as Full Body armor, adds…”
  • Page 87. Ion Gusoku. The last sentence of the first paragraph of the 2nd column should be: “It limits its wearer’s Dexterity to 10, is Tech Axiom 24, provides +4 Full Body Armor, and causes Fatigue.”
  • Page 87. Whip Tail. Last sentence should read: “Unarmed combat becomes Favored.”
  • Page 89. Miracles . Replace first two paragraphs with: “The hero is blessed with the ability to call forth miracles. He gains access to any Miracle List that is associated with his religion, and is not specified by another Perk. Some example lists are given on page 199. She gains ward enemy and any two miracles chosen from any list she knows. See Miracles on page 196 to find out how to invoke them and what happens should the invocation fail.”
  • Page 97. Relentless. Replace instances of 'spend' with 'suffer'.
  • Page 90-91. Followers. "The character is an Ord created by the Game Master with 36 points of
    attributes, 12 points in skills, and 2 Wounds."
  • Page 98. Whirlwind. Replace "when using melee weapons" with "when using melee weapons or unarmed combat"
  • Page 98. Psionic. Replace the third paragraph with: “When the psi takes this Perk, she gains access to her cosm’s Power List on page 206. She may choose any three powers from any list she can access and meets the skill requirement.”
  • Page 101. Mind Control. Add to the first paragraph: “The Mind Controller must be within 10 meters of the target when this power is manifested.” Add to the end of the second paragraph: "If the subject is reality-rated, he may make a contest against the Mind Controller to break free as a free action at the start of each turn."
  • Page 103. Negation. Add the following to the end of the first paragraph: "Negation may only be used once per test." The last paragraph is: "Negation may not be used to stop a foe from spending Possibilities to activate abilitise (such as Soak Damage)."
  • Page 105. Spellcaster. Replace the second paragraph with: “When this Perk is taken, the mage gains access to her cosm’s base Spell List on page 186, and may choose any three spells from any list for which she has access to and meets the minimum skill. Spell details are explained in Magic on page 184.”
  • Page 109. Replace the bonus of -10 for rolling a 1 with a Fail.
  • Page 110. Possibilities. "Normally, only one Possibility may be spent to boost a roll per action. Possibilities that are spent to activate abilities do not count against this limit."
  • Page 113. First paragraph. Replace "+6 damage." with "two bonus dice."
  • Page 113. Cosm Cards. Replace "In a Mixed Zone the player may choose which cosm to draw from." with "In a Mixed Zone, the cosm drawn from is determined randomly."
  • Page 115. Player's Call.  Replace "lose a turn" with "becomes Disfavored until the end of his next turn." Additionally in the example replace "loses a turn as well" with "becomes Disfavored, drops his weapon, or some other effect as well".
  • [NEW] Page 115. Physical Attacks. Replace the last sentence in the first paragraph with: "To make a physical attack, a character makes a test which, if successful, may cause damage (e.g. Shock or Wounds). Skills used in physical attacks include fire combat, melee weapons, conjuration, faith, or kinesis, but any test that could cause damage counts. "
  • [NEW] Page 115. Physical Attacks. In the second paragraph replace the first sentence with "The DN is the defender's dodge defense for ranged attacks. In close combat, the DN is his melee defense if the foe is armed with an appropriate weapon, of his unarmed defense, if he's not.
  • [NEW] Page 121. Cover. Remove the following: "(this stacks with worn Armor)".
  • Page 122. Under Friendly Fire replace "hit" with "targeted".
  • Page 124. Malfunctions. Replace last sentence of first paragraph with “This is similar to a Mishap, and occurs when the user’s first roll is a 1, unless the Malfunction range is larger.”
  • Page 124. Multi-Actions. Add the following before Repeating Actions:  "Effects and conditions are applied at the end of the Multi-Action, after all of the actions have been resolved."
  • [#TE1.5][NEW] Page 124. Multi-Actions. Replace Repeating Actions with:

Repeating Actions: Unless specifically allowed (such as a Perk) characters can take no more than one of each of the following types of actions:

  • Physical attack (any test which, on a success, may inflict Shock or Wounds on a target).
  • Interaction attack: (Maneuver, Taunt, Trick, Intimidation, or special interaction attacks).

If a character does something which requires an action, but no test, they may do so without limit, but it adds another -2 Multi-Action penalty as normal.

A character may not invoke more than one spell, miracle, or psionic power in a single turn (i.e. they can’t cast two spells, nor could they cast a spell and manifest a psionic power). Some Perks and abilities may permit a character to ignore this restriction.

  • Page 125. Rapid Fire. Replace all instances of ‘Mishap’ with ‘Malfunction’.
  • Page 125. Malfunctions. Replace the first sentence with “A Malfunction roll of 1 when using Rapid Fire means the attack fails and the weapon suffers a Malfunction (page 124).”
  • Page 129. Active Defense. Change to "that applies to all defenses until the end of the round."
  • Page 135. Some environmental effects can cause Fatigue (see page 112). Shock caused by this does not recover until the hero can rest."
  • Page 136. Falling Damage table. Replace the last four rows with the following: 11-20 meters: 15 + 1BD damage, 21-50 meters: 20 + 1BD damage, 51-100 meters: 25+1 BD damage, 101+ meters: 30 + 1BD damage.
  • Page 139. Personal Resources. Remove "total" from second paragraph and add the following to the end of the paragraph. "Multi-Targeting penalties can be taken to acquire multiple items (e.g. a -8 penalty for getting 5 potions, or for getting five different items.
  • Page 141. Augmented Reality. Replace the last sentence with: “The HUD gives the character +1 to dodge and makes ''find'' tests Favored.
  • Page 143. Spiked Plate. Notes change: "unarmed damage" to "grappling tests"
  • Page 146. Shields. Add to the end of the paragraph: "However, a Vulnerable character loses all benefits from a shield until the condition goes away."
  • Page 149. Pain Gauntlet. Add: “Attacking with the gauntlet uses unarmed combat.”
  • Page 155. Thav-9 SMG has Range 25/50/100.
  • Page 156. Atchisson 12. Replace "Long Bursts" with "Short Bursts".
  • Page 158. Thav-9. Replace "Long Burst" with "Short Burst".
  • Page 162. Alph Weapon Dock. Replace "2 Shock" with "1 Shock".
  • Page 165. High Explosive Anti Tank (HEAT). Replace 2nd paragraph with "HEAT ammunition has Armor Piercing 4."
  • Page 180. Transformation. Change the second sentence to "If a character has only one add in reality, she has no choice and transforms to the new reality.
  • Page 183. Glory. Replace the 1st bullet point with: "All Ords in the zone are refilled with Possibility Energy. See RESTORATION below. The time it takes to refill the zone is up to the GM, based on how fast stories can spread. “
  • Page 183. Glory. Add to the third bullet point: "Additional Glory results do not increase the hand size further."
  • Page 188. Disguise Spell. Before the first paragraph: "This spell may only be cast once per day." and change Good Success to: "Duration increases to the rest of the scene".
  • Page 197. Under Invoking Miracles add to the end: "Spells or psionic powers may not be cast or manifested while invoking a spell."
  • Page 203. Strike. The first paragraph should end: “Strike affects a single melee or missile weapon, no Multi-Targeting is allowed.
  • Page 206. Remove telekinesis from the Core Earth - Anomaly and Pan-Pacifica - Psionic Mutation lists.
  • Page 207. Alter Memory. Last sentence should read: "See clarity to recover altered memories."
  • Page 207. Awareness. "Good Success: The psi's and allies’ physical defenses are increased by +2."
  • Page 208. Confusion. Replace the second sentence with "The power targets enemies within a Large Blast Radius. Those who are affected suffer a -1 penalty to all actions."
  • Page 209. Mind Control. Add the following after the first sentence. "The psi can only direct this power at a single target." Last sentence of 2nd paragraph should read: "If successful, the power ends."
  • Page 210. Read Mind. Casting Time: 1 round. Range: 10 meters. Add the following after the second paragraph:  "Only one read mind may be attempted on a particular target per scene.  Additionally, if the target is reality-rated they always know that someone is trying to read their mind and the test is a contest instead."
  • Page 211. Telekinesis. Axiom Level: 25. The first paragraph now reads: "Telekinesis allows a psi to move objects with her mind. The psi’s Spirit is her Strength once activated, but she continues to use her own skills as usual. If she wishes to grab a creature, she must use the Grappling rules as normal."  The second paragraph now reads: "A psi can move up to two objects at one time (including herself to “fly“). She must be able to lift the combined weight of the objects, and they move up to her walking speed." In Good and Outstanding results replace Mind with Spirit.
  • Page 228. Replace 3rd paragraph with: "That being said, communications, like radio waves in the Living Land, can be contradictory. Two radios held by Storm Knights can only communicate if they're within one kilometer. Although electromagnetic radiation is not inherently contradictory (otherwise nobody would be even able to see), the modulation or encryption of the signal is, and so long range contradictions (see page 180) apply. Lasers work in a similar fashion. The signal decoheres and becomes random static instead. This applies to magical or spiritual communication as well."
  • Page 233. Spirit 21. Remove "in the dominiant religion"
  • Page 271. Jiangshi have trick (10).
  • Page 272. Ghuls. Thav-9 (Damage 13, Short Burst, Range 25/50/100).
  • Page 273. Thralls. Tough: 9(1). Leather armor (+1). Thav-9 (Damage 13, Short Burst, Range 25/50/100).

Destiny Deck

  • Opponent Fails Destiny Card: “Play after an opponent has successfully completed a test targeting you. The effect on you is nullified. If this was a contest, reverse the results.”

Aysle Sourcebook

  • [NEW] Page 18. Homunculus. Add the following to the end of the 2nd paragraph: "The homunculus's reality is the same as its creator."
  • Page 24. Principle Magic. Remove sleight of hand.
  • Page 36. Animal Sense. Range: Self.
  • Page 50. Favoring. Add "Arcane" to Notes.

Cyberpapacy Sourcebook

  • Page 23. Mobile Bunker (Shield Drone): The shield drone and its target may rush while in Bunker Mode.
  • Page 41. The price of the TSE Scout Drone is 3,000 (18) and the price of the TSE Assault Drone and Shield Drone are 7,000 (19).
  • Page 41. TSE Shield Drone. Add to Special Abilities:  Armor: Forcefield +4.
  • Page 41. TSE Shield Drone. The last sentence of Bunker Mode should say "The drone and its target cannot rush while in Bunker mode."
  • Page 82. IcePick. Replace the last sentence in the first paragraph with: "The decker's lockpicking and computers tests when hacking secured nodes are Favored."

Living Land Sourcebook

  • Page 22. ''Breath fire'' miracle has Axiom Level: 20.


Nile Empire Sourcebook


  • [NEW] Page 16. Ingenious. Replace first sentence with "Once per scene, as a simple action, the character may spend a Possibility to draw a Destiny card and then take a Mind test."
  • Page 53. Lasso does Grapple damage, has 10 meter range, and uses ''missile weapons''.
  • Page 26. Mind Reading. Add the following after the first paragraph:  "Only one Mind Reading attempt may be attempted on a particular target per scene.  Additionally, if the target is reality-rated they always know that someone is trying to read their mind and the test is a contest instead."
  • Page 143. Sacred Items. The last sentence of the first paragraph reads: "Sacred items have a Spirit Axiom of 18 and are gifts from the gods. They cannot be purchased or requisitioned."


Tharkold Sourcebook

  • [NEW] Page 20. Aspirant Racial Abilities. Add the following to Creature of Magic: "Additionally psionics are a completely foreign concept to all Tharkoldu, and no technodemon may take any Psionic Perk or invoke psionic powers.
  • [NEW] Page 32. The Race Perks. Add the following to all Prereqs:  "The Race"
  • [NEW] Page 46. Awakened Mind. Add the following text: "This power may only be manifested once per scene."


Day One

  • Page 21. Remove Double Tap from .38 Revolver. M-16 range is 50/100/200.
  • Page 40. Remove Stagger from mace in Constable Cordrey's description. </span>
  • Page 69. Petrol Bomb range is 10/20/30.
  • Page 95. Ghuls. Thav-9 (Damage 13, Short Burst, Range 25/50/100). </span>
  • Page 137. .38 revolver has range 10/25/40 and Tech 20.


The God Box

  • Page 88. Arhet Crom has Spirit 13, Shock 13, and is also Large (+2 to hit).
  • Page 89. Armet Crom has Spirit 13, Shock 13, and is also Large (+2 to hit).
  • Page 89. Green Lurker has Shock 8, and is Large (+2 to hit) but only when attacking the body.


Fires of Ra

  • Page 14. Professor Plasmo has reality 12.
  • Page 30. Delete first paragraph (including the top of the 2nd column).
  • Page 60. Giant Scorpion. Remove all Equipment.
  • Page 60. Giant Scorpion. Add the following to Special Abilities. "Poison: If the scorpion gets a Good or Outstanding hit with Claws, it makes a Sting attack which does Strength +2 (14) damage. If the sting doe damage equal to or greater than the target’s Toughness, she becomes poisoned. At the start of each round, a poisoned character takes 2 Shock, or 1 Wound if she is KO’ed. After one minute, she must succeed at a Strength test to end the Poison effect, or it continues for another minute.


Revenge of the Carredon

  • Page 63. Sundamar Elwenys has reality 10.

Unhallowed Data

  • Page 107. Paris Map. Replace "PURE" with "DOMINANT"

When Axioms Collide

  • Thrasher statblock is available here.

Threat Cards

  • Crocodile. Dodge 8.



  • Champion of the Land. Advancement. Replace Super-Attribute (Dex) with Beastmaster Enhancement.
  • Cyberwitch. Tactics. 2nd sentence should read: "Boosting your allies' ''Strength'' increases melee damage, while ''Dexterity'' improves both attacks and defenses.
  • Edeinos Outsider. Advancement. Replace Deathclaw with Razor Scales.
  • Primitive Hunter. Advancement. Replace Vengeful with Endurance.
  • Realm Runner. Advancement. Replace Storyteller with Tenacious.


Beta Clearance Player's Primer

  • Flash Grenade. Replace everything after "magnesium core" with: "They do 8 damage in a Medium Blast. A Good hit also causes one condition, but doesn't deal any extra damage. An Outstanding hit does two conditions."


Commonly Missed Rules

  • The difficulty of a test if the DN is not explicitly provided is 10.
  • Ords roll again on 10s and 20s. (This is a change from Original Torg).
  • A character does NOT roll again on a 20 if they do no not have any adds in a skill and making a skill test.
  • All modifiers are applied to all actions of a Multi-Action first. Then they are resolved.
  • Successful tests when a dilemma is showing while in a Dramatic Skill Resolution advance the step to the next one.
  • A Flurry is an entirely new turn, not just another action.
  • All missile weapons effectively have an Ammo of '1'. You must Reload (as page 126) every time you shoot an arrow with a bow or a bolt with a crossbow.
  • Only one attempt at a step is possible in a Dramatic Skill Resolution each round. A character can attempt multiple steps in a round, but only as a Multi-Action, and if other characters want to assist, it must be through a Combined Action. For example, if ABC is showing on the Drama card, Aidan can try all three steps as a Multi-Action at -4, and Tworek and Rama-Tut could assist as a Combined Action (+2 bonus if they're not using Extra Effort). However, a situation where Aidan does A, then Tworek does B, then Rama-Tut does C is not valid.
  • Storm Knights can requisition items from the Delphi Council, or attempt to procure items with personal resources once per act.
  • A Perk that grants access to a list of spells, miracles, or psionic powers and then allows you to select one or more allows you to select from any list you have access to, not just the one that is unlocked by that Perk.
  • Any time you see a test based on a skill "or" an attribute, and that attribute isn't what the skill is normally based on, you should read it as testing against the named attribute's score + the adds in the skill. For example, "willpower or Mind" is to be read as "Mind + adds in willpower", rather than basing willpower on Spirit as usual, but using Mind if the character has no adds in willpower.


Important Updates to the Setting and Rules

Setting Update

  • After Day 211, the Nashville Incident severely wounds Core Earth and it becomes significantly harder for Storm Knights to use tales of Glory to protect Ords from poofing into What Ifs due to a second transformation. Multiple Glory seeds are required.

Rules Update


Disfavored is a new condition similar to Stymied and Vulnerable.

When a character’s test is Disfavored, the first extra roll is ignored. Thus if the character rolled a 10 no extra die would be added, or if the character was Up no second die is rolled and added. Even if the character spends a Possibility, no die would be rolled or added.

Only the first die is ignored, so if a Disfavored test rolled a 10, and then a Possibility is spent, a new die would be added normally. Favored cancels out Disfavored completely, and vice-versa.


Costs of Benefits

Many Perks, Special Abilities, and Combat Options involve spending some sort of cost to gain a benefit. Examples include spending a Possibility to Soak Damage, becoming Vulnerable to Withdraw from Melee, or suffering Shock in order to activate a Ki Perk.  The benefit may only be gained if the cost can be spent.  This means that if the Shock you need to suffer would put you over your Shock Limit, you can't spend it, so you can't activate that ability.

There is a subtlety with the Stymied and Vulnerable conditions. Since those conditions end at the end of your turn, as long as that happens, you still can pay that cost. For example, if you do an All Out Attack, you become Very Vulnerable until the end of your next turn. If you were already Vulnerable, that condition would cease at the end of your current you still can spend the "cost"...which is becoming Very Vulnerable until the end of your next turn. However this would mean that you can't ALSO Withdraw from Combat, since the cost of that is becoming Vulnerable until the end of your next turn.

There are some Perks and abilities that may be able to reduce the cost of Shock to activate abilities (e.g. Vav Sensation Suppressors). If the Perk specifically calls out reducing the cost of Shock to activate abilities, then that rule applies, even if it happens to reduce the cost to 0 (i.e. Specific beats General). But Perks that make you immune to Shock, or prevent Shock at all, prevent the cost from being applied at all.

"Laws" of Rules Interpretation [NEW]

Here's a list of general "laws" for rules interpretation:

Zeroth Law: Read the rule carefully.  :-)
First Law: First, apply common sense.
Second Law: As a default rules are permissive, not restrictive.
Third Law: Do not do backflips to make a rules interpretation.
Fourth Law: When in doubt, take the weakest interpretation.


0. Many rules are not as confusing as people think. Usually confusion develops because of prior assumptions or "wishes" for what an interpretation is.

1. RPG rules are not computer programs. We don't have a compiler that easily detects bugs, and this is why we have a GM to make rulings. So if you can't see, you can't make called shots, or Aim. You have to be a member of a race to take Perks for that race.

2. Rules tell you what you can do, and how to do them not what you cannot do (unless specified). So if you're saying "The rules don't say I can't..." you're likely already wrong.

3. Occam's Razor applies. Don't add language that isn't there. Also, if you've having to contort yourself to get the interpretation that you want, you're likely to be wrong.


Q: Can a character select a Perk if they're not from that cosm?

A: No. They need to be a native of that cosm to select a Perk that specifies a cosm. However, some official archetypes have non-native Perks if the character transformed from their original reality. GM's have the option to allow this for other newly created characters as well.


Q: When selecting the Cyberware Implants or Occultech Implants Perks, what happens if I don't spend the full $10,000 (or $5,000)? 

A: Any left over money can be saved to spend either in play, or you can add it to any additional allotments from future Perk selection. So, if you pick Cyberware Implants and then only spend $9,000, and then select that Perk again later you'll have $6,000 to spend.


Q: Do Super Skill and Super Attribute just give a bonus to a skill or attribute?

A: No. They directly increase your skill adds or attribute. So if you had +3 adds in fire combat, and took the base Super Skill, you’d go to +5 adds. If you wanted to raise that skill further by spending XP it would cost 6 XP. SuperAttribute works in the same manner.


Q: What if you disconnect or it is part of an item and you lose it temporarily?

A: Temporarily reduce your skill or attribute by the appropriate amount.


Q: What kind of action does it take to activate or deactivate a power?

A: A simple action.


Q: Can a character with the Negation Perk nullify a Possibility spent to boost a reality test when attempting to Soak Damage?

A: Yes. The stipulation at the end of the Perk description is clarifying that you can't nullify the use of a Possibility to attempt to Soak Damage in the first place. Similarly it can't be used to nullify any Possibility to activate an ability.


Q: How many times can you attempt a Block Strike in a round?

 A: As long as you have Shock, you can Block Strike multiple times.


Q: If you have Block Strike, can you get multiple attacks against a miss when you are attacked by multiple foes using a Combined Action?

 A: No, just one attack back.


Q: Can Trademark Weapon be applied to natural weapons such as claws or fists?

A: Yes.


Q: If a character is immune to Shock, can they get the benefit of the Relentless Perk?

A: No. If you can’t pay the cost, you don’t get the benefit.


Q: When a character takes the Miracles/Spellcaster/Psionic Perk for the first time, can the character choose miracles/spells/psionic powers from any list that he has access to, including lists from other books?

A: Yes.


Q: Which lists can a player who selects the Miracles/Spellcaster/Psionic Perk gain access to?

A: For Spellcaster and Psionic it can be the list appropriate to the character's cosm in the Corebook, or to another list that is not specifically accessable via another Perk. For Miracles, the list is based on the character's religion, not cosm, and also can be from the ones listed in the Corebook, or from another list not specifically accessible via another Perk. Some of those other lists require Perks that can only be selected by a native of that cosm. For example, a character from Core Earth could theoretically choose any religion, including Keta Kalles. However, they could not select the Optant Perk from the ''Living Land Sourcebook'' since that Perk requires you to be an edeinos and native to the Living Land.


Q:  When a Perk grants you access to a list of spells/miracles/psionic powers and also allows you to select one or more, must those selections come from that list?

A:  No. You can select spells, etc, from '''any''' spell list you have access to.


Q: Can you give an example of selecting miracles, psionics, or spells?

A: Say you have an edeinos from the Living Land. If you select the Optant Perk, you gain access to the Optant miracle list in the ''Living Land Sourcebook''. You may then choose your two optional miracles from that list, but not the Keta Kalles list from the ''Torg Eternity'' corebook. If you want to pick more miracles, you cannot take the Optant Perk again (unless the Perk specifically allows repeated selections, you can only select it once). If you subsequently select the Miracles Perk, you gain access to the Keta Kalles list from the ''Torg Eternity'' corebook and then can select your two new  miracles from either the Optant or Keta Kalles list. Then afterwards if you want to pick more miracles, you select the Miracles Perk again, and choose a miracle again from the Optant or Keta Kalles list.

If alternatively you start with the Miracles Perk, you gain access to the Keta Kalles list, but ''cannot'' get access to the Optant list (because you have to take the Optant Perk to do so). You select your two optional miracles from the Keta Kalles list. Then if you want additional miracles you can select Miracles again and choose one miracle from the Keta Kalles list or you select the Optant Perk, then you can access to the Optant list, and then can choose your two new optional miracles from either the Optant or Keta Kalles lists. In either case, you can then select the Miracles Perk again to select a miracle from either list.


Q: With some of the cosm sourcebooks now released, certain cosms have an inherent advantage over others, at least as far as the number of spells, miracles, or psionic powers goes. Could we get some assistance there?

A: Sure. Here are two Perks to get you by until appropriate cosm-specific versions come out.

Additional Spells

Prereq: Core Earth and Spellcaster

Category: Spellcraft

Select two spells.

Special: When the appropriate cosm sourcebook is released, this Perk is lost and may be replaced by another Spellcraft Perk.

Additional Psionic Powers

Prereq: Pan-Pacifica and Psionic

Category: Psionics

Select two psionic powers.

Special: When the appropriate cosm sourcebook is released, this Perk is lost and may be replaced by another Psionics Perk.



[NEW] Q: Are hardlight drones considered Gear or Cyberware?

A: They're programs for a cyberware implant, and are purchased using the Cyberware or Recalibrated Cyberware Perks.

Nile Empire

Q: With the Ingenious Perk, do you discard the extra cards drawn if a Good or Outstanding Success is achieved? 

A: Yes.


Core Rules Questions

Q: Can you tell us why you didn't do X (where X is a rule, setting element, Perk, spell, psionic power, miracle, etc)?

A: Generally I don't comment online on why we didn't do X, or why we did X instead of Y. There's so many varieties of X that I could comment on. That's a great convo for in person though.

Generally the answers are:

  • We didn't think of X.
  • We thought of the other one first, and it worked well enough.
  • We did think of X, but after discussing it for awhile we figured out something we liked better.
  • We did think of X. But once we tested it, it didn't work the way we wanted it to.
  • We didn't have space for X (this is a surprisingly common reason).
  • One of the designers dislikes X.
  • A unified "Standard Model" of X is not a goal of ours. We're not going to do something to 'complete a set'.
  • We still might do X in a future product, either in the form of X or some other form.
  • What we did supports particular archetypes or builds that are cool/interesting/need support.
  • X is too fiddly.
  • X requires too much cognitive load. If a player or GM always forgets X, it's not really worth writing it on paper.


Q: If the text talks about something increasing by +1, or decreasing by -1, is that a bonus (and subject to Stacking rules) or a direct increase (and not subject to those rules)?

A: Unless it specifies that the bonus or penalty "stacks with all bonuses" or "directly increases/decreases" a quantity, it's a bonus.


Q: Must items requisitioned from the Delphi Council be returned at the end of the mission?

A: Yes.


Q: We have a small Storm Knight group (2 or 3 players) and we find that there aren’t enough Possibilities in play, and combats are quite tough. Any suggestions?

A: Most of the time scaling the foes (i.e. one Shocktrooper per Storm Knight) should work fairly well. However, if there are powerful individuals it may be difficult for only two or three Storm Knights to fight them. Here are some suggestions:

  • Be very liberal with awarding Possibilities for good ideas, good jokes, or making the game fun for everyone.
  • Give each Storm Knight and additional Possibility at the start of each act.
  • Give each Storm Knight an extra card.
  • Downgrade the power of reality-rated foes, either by making them Ords, make them Wounded, or remove a special ability.


Q: We have a large Storm Knight group (6 or 7 players) and we find that there are too many Possibilities in play, and combats are fairly easy. Any suggestions?

A: We generally do not recommend taking away things from the Storm Knights to balance large groups. Here are some suggestions:

  • Be more restrictive of awarding bonus Possibilities. They’ll get plenty from cosm cards.
  • Add another reality-rated enemy. Ravagons make excellent additions. ?
  • Give a reality-rated enemy more Possibilities.
  • Attack with minions individually rather than with a Combined Action (though this will lengthen the resolution of combats).


Q: Are Malfunctions the same as Mishaps?

A: No. Malfunctions are similar to Mishaps, in that they activate the same way (usually if a 1 is rolled on the first die roll), but an increased Malfunction range does not increase the Mishap range or vice versa.


Q: Are contradiction tests Mishaps?

A: No. They activate in a similar manner (on a 1 on the first die roll, occasionally on a 1-4), but a Four Case contradiction does not increase the Mishap range, and in all cases a disconnection causes the action to fail, even on an initial roll of 2-4.


Q: If a character does a test with a Favored skill, and the result is not a Mishap, can the new roll cause a Mishap or a Malfunction?

A: No. It is a re-roll and Mishaps or Malfunctions are not checked on re-rolls.


Q: For abilities that affect 'your ally' or 'your allies', do you count as one of your allies?

A: No.

Drama/Destiny/Cosm Cards Questions

Destiny Cards Additional Info

[#TE1.5][NEW] Romance: The Romance card *encourages* a romantic relationship. It does not inflict one on an unwilling target.  The GM must consent. There can be a variety of reasons that an individual NPC may not enter a romantic relationship with the Storm Knight, including being a different species, and being of a non-compatible sexual orientation (including being heterosexual, homosexual, or asexual) or romantic orientation (heteroromantic, homoromantic, or aromantic) or having experienced violence from the Storm Knight. If the GM vetoes the choice of target, the player may gain a Possibility instead and draw a new card.


Q: Can the GM play with just a subset of Cosm cards, or must the deck include all of them?

A: If the GM wishes she can certainly 'stack the deck' by including the cards she wishes. In fact, in certain adventures that automatically include aspects that the cosm cards deal with it's highly recommended that you do in fact, leave certain cards out. For instance, I wouldn't include ''Eyes of the Saar'' from the Living Land Booster Deck if Baruk Kaah was going to feature in the upcoming adventure, or include ''You Don’t Look So Good'', ''Outbreak'' and ''Is That a Bite?'' Pan-Pacifica Cosm cards in an adventure that highlights the Infected or where they wouldn't make sense. 


Q: Does an Up condition apply to all actions for all characters on a side?  Or is it just the first roll for each character?

A: All actions. So reconnection tests or additional actions from a Flurry all get an additional roll.


Q: What happens when the Destiny Deck runs out of cards?

A: Shuffle the discard pile and make a new draw pile.


Q: What is the maximum number of Destiny cards can a player draw at the end of their turn when when a Dramatic Skill Resolution is involved?

A: Two or three. One or two for succeeding at the Approved Action(s) listed on the Drama card, plus one for successfully attempting the current Dramatic Skill Resolution step if is not listed on the Drama card.


Q: Are you supposed to discard your hand of Destiny cards then draw new cards at the start of a new act?

A: Yes, but we’re not going to complain if you don’t.


Q: How many Destiny cards can you draw if you succeed at an Approved Action when ‘Any’ or ‘Multi-Action’ is listed on the card?

A: One.


Q: Can you play a Master Plan to pick up a Cosm card?

A: No.


Q: Can any card be played from the hand when playing for the Critical Moment?

A: No. Only cards played from the hand to the pool that directly affect a single character’s action can actually be used. That means that Destiny cards like Leadership, Seize Initiative, Master Plan, Flurry, Rally, Romance, etc. cannot be played as part of a Critical Moment, unless they were already in the player’s pool to begin with. 


Q: Do you replenish cards at the end of a scene?

A: Yes, but only at the end of the scene. So if you do one combat, then another combat, without a scene break, you pick up your cards at the end of the first combat, but you do not replenish.


Q: Does Reality Surge grant someone trying to reconnect a zero modifier by being in a Mixed Zone?

A: Yes.


Q: Does Reality Surge allow you to trade in your current Cosm card for one from your cosm? What about other effects where you 'count' as being in a reality?

A: No. While the character's World Laws are in effect for him, Cosm cards are not just manifestations of the World Laws but also the environment of that reality. For instance, Dino Attack! is a feature of the Living Land itself, not its World Laws.


Q: My players often play all of their cosm cards immediately at the start of an adventure. Does the GM have some leeway into how and when to resolve played Cosm cards?


A: Yes. The GM is able to resolve played Cosm cards whenever it makes sense for the story within the act. For example, playing the Aysle Cosm card ''Courtly Intrigue'' doesn't necessarily grant players Possibilities immeidately. They need to suffer a bit of the intrigue first. Similarly, playing the Living Land Cosm card ''Lost Treasure'' doesn't mean that the character finds the item immediately.


Q: How are the Cyberpapacy cosm cards Malraux’s Wrath and Heretical Magic affected by someone playing Conjunction?

A: The Malraux’s Wrath and Heretical Magic cards are suppressed in addition to the increased backlash.


Q: With regards to the Mana Surge, Temptation, Kneel cosm cards, do Storm Knight opponents get the benefits as well?

A: Yes.


Q: We have 6 or 7 players, and Glory results happen too often for us. Is there anything we can do?

A: When Storm Knight groups get relatively large, much of the Destiny Deck will be in the players’ hands, and experienced players can cycle through the deck to ensure that the right combo of cards frequently comes up.  Here are some solutions:

  • Remove one or two Glory cards from the Destiny Deck.
  • Get a second Destiny Deck and add all of the cards except for Glory or Master Plan cards.
  • Multiple Glory results will very, very quickly gain the attention of the High Lord, who will send a ravagon to deal with the scourge. Or three ravagons, just to be sure.

Combat Questions

Q: What are considered defenses with respect to effects that can change them?

A: The following are considered defenses: dodge, melee, unarmed, willpower, and all interaction defenses. Faith also counts, but only when used as a DN against an attack. </span>Toughness technically is listed as a defense on Page 70 but it's a bit of an odd duck since it's rarely used as a DN for a test (and as a general rule Toughness doesn't get modified by attribute changes).


Q: What defense do you use to defend if you're using a shield.

A: ''Melee weapons''.


Q:  If you are using a rifle or similar weapon, what defense to do you if you are attacked in close combat?

A:  You use the unarmed defense.  However, if you spend a simple action to switch to using the rifle as a club, you use your melee defense. However, you must use another simple action to switch back to using the rifle to shoot. 


Q: If you are using a shield and melee weapon, do you get the +2 bonus for Two Weapons?

A: No.


Q: Does damage 'stack'? For example, if you have previously cast strangle on an opponent, and they are taking 2 Shock per round, and you shoot them for 1 Wound, 2 Shock?

A: No. Damage taken on a single turn is always the maximum of whatever is inflicting damage. So in that example, the target would only take 1 Wound, 2 Shock.


Q: Can you spend a Possibility on the test to soak damage?

A: Yes.


Q: Can a driver involved in a chase, or a combat involving vehicles Recover Shock?

A: Yes. The stipulation that the character can't move when Recovering Shock is specifically if they're on foot. As long as the driver is just cruising (driving straight, constant speed) he can Recover Shock.


Q: Is an Active Defense a test or a contest?

A: No. Active Defenses involve rolling just a bonus, not rolling a test on a specific skill simultaneously to compete against the opposing character’s test. It _is_ however, a total, and situations that affect a ‘skill or attribute total’ can affect an Active Defense (e.g. the curse miracle).


Q: Can an active defense result in disconnection?

A: Yes, if doing an Active Defense would activate an ability, tool, or anything else that is contradictory. The Toughness bonus for using a shield is an example, and rolling a 1 in the Living Land while using a shield when making an Active Defense would cause a disconnection.


Q: Does the ‘minimum +1 bonus’ condition for Active Defense apply before or after any modifiers?

A: After.


Q: When attacking with multiple minions, is it recommended to attack with a Combined Action, or separately?

A: Usually do a Combined Action, unless you want to up the difficulty. This was how we playtested the game as it's faster to resolve. Attacking separately will increase the number of potential Soak Damage tests a character will have to do.


Q: If you soak all the damage inflicted by an attack, do any additional effects that accompanied that attack (e.g. poison) still occur?

A: No. If you remove all the damage it is treated as if the attack hit, but had no effect.


Q: Do Darkness and Concealment penalties stack? What about Darkness and Called Shot penalties?

A: Yes for both.


Q: The penalties for Concealment and Called Shots seem contradictory? Which should be used?

A: Use the Called Shots penalties. Otherwise the Concealment penalty will be -6 most of the time.


Q: If you do a Multi-Action with a skill that is unskilled, do you re-roll 20s?

A: No.


Q: If you do a Multi-Action where you cause a target to be Vulnerable, do you get to use that condition on other parts of the Multi-Action?

A:  No. You apply *all* modifiers first. Then resolve. So don't get to retroactively apply modifiers later.

Put explicitly:

1. Generate the bonus.
2. Apply -2 penalty for Multi-Action.
3. Apply any other modifiers.
4. Resolve:
4a. Resolve the Interaction attack.
4b. Resolve the attack.
4c. [NEW] Target becomes Vulnerable.

All of the modifiers are applied in step 3.

To do otherwise would incentivize always doing a Multi-Action when attacking, since half of the Multi-Action might not effectively have any penalty to it, and might even get effectively a bonus, and also dis-incentivizes team-work.

Nor can you do a Multi-Action to Stymie a target first, and have that Stymie affect any Soak Damage tests.

Q: How do you resolve a Multi-Action against a single target when attacking with different weapons skills (e.g. with unarmed combat and melee weapons)?

A: Use the following procedure:

  • Resolve the Multi-Action as normal. Use the appropriate skills with the usual -2 per additional action. If you're unskilled at one of those skills, no re-rolls on 20s. If you’re not Favored in one of those skills, no re-rolling the first die.
  • For those attacks that hit, determine damage, including any BD from Good or Outstanding hits.
  • Take the highest damage result and apply it against the target’s Toughness.

Q: What happens if you succeed at a Multi-Action using multiple interaction attacks on single target?

A: You take the maximum result (i.e. one condition for a Standard Success, two conditions for a Good Success, and two conditions plus a Player’s Call for an Outstanding Success). In other words, if you got a Good Success on both an intimidation and taunt attack, you only get to impose two conditions, not four.


Q: Can you do a Multi-Action including an Active Defense?

A: No.


Q:  If an item, power, spell, etc has a Blast Radius, can you do Multi-Targeting as well?

A:  No. You're already Multi-Targeting, you're just not being penalized for it.


Q: Can you do a Suppressive Fire attack into melee?

A: Yes, but if you target a combatant that is in melee with an ally, and if you get that Outstanding result, the 'Firing into Melee' rule on page 123 still applies.


Q: Do you get the Large/Very Large bonus if you’re attacking with a Called Shot or Vital Blow?

A: Yes.


Q: How does Rapid Fire with weapon that has a Blast Radius work?

A: You get a bonus against the targets in the blast. So for a Small Blast Short Burst you can have up to 3 targets, each with a +2 to hit, and it consumes 3 shots. Malfunction occurs on 1-2.


Q: Can a reality-rated character Soak Damage applied to a vehicle they are in?

A: No. They can only Soak Damage they take themselves.


Q: One of my players has Min/Maxed Dexterity over their other attributes, and they're stealing the spotlight from the other players. What can I do?

A: Although ''Dexterity'' is obviously an important attribute in combat (in that it's hard to hit them, and they can hit easier, including getting bonus dice), all of the attributes are important to some degree. When someone decides to Min/Max it's important to hit them in the Mins and not be shy about doing so. Use the tactics that players use to take on tough opponents. Interaction attacks (and with enemies with the Gloater or Insidious abilities it's even worse) can fairly easily end up getting the 'Dex Monster' Very Vulnerable and Very Stymied, and worse, the combo of Very Vulnerable and an exceptionally weak interaction defense opens the character up to Player's Calls. It's not advisable to 'stun lock' them (that's no fun), but doing so at advantageous periods, or applying more creative results from a Player's Call (like say, interfering with another character).

I would warn the player that you will be doing this though, so it's not a surprise. But if a character really puts a lot of their resources into boosting Dexterity, that's showing how they want to shine. But combat in Torg Eternity isn't all just hitting, shooting, and dodging, and if a player intentionally makes themselves weak in one, two, or even three interaction skills, they will have problems, but only if the GM hits them there.


Q: If an attack states it is a "fire" attack, or inflicts "fire damage" does it attack the target's lowest armor?

A: Only if the effect explicitly says so, or links the effect to the Environmental Fire rules on page 136 of ''Torg Eternity''. So the ''hellfire'' miracle does not, but the ''fireball'' spell does. This may seem like a subtle difference but the "attacks lowest armor" effect simulates the fact that fire can engulf you. So a dragon's fire breath ability or ''fireball'' does that, but a ''hellfire'' is a sudden burst of flame. It doesn't engulf the target.

Interaction Questions

Q: What other options are there for a Player’s Call other than make an important target lose their turn?

A: The ‘lose an action’ is intended to be a fallback result in case nothing else comes to mind, not as the ‘usual’ result. We highly recommend that it be something more flavorful and varied. Some other possible options are:

  • Automatic disarming of a weapon.
  • Target loses the use of a special ability for the rest of the combat.
  • Target becomes Stymied or Vulnerable for the rest of the combat.
  • Storm Knight’s side gets some sort of boon (e.g. reinforcements, elimination of another character, or recovery of Shock).

Dramatic Skill Resolution Questions

Q: How do you narrate a Chase when the hunter is at a further step than the prey? That seems odd?

A: The thing to remember about Chases is that your step does not entirely represent physically ‘how close’ the hunter is to the prey, but how close the prey or the hunter is to resolving the chase.  So for example, if the hunter is at Step D and the prey is at Step A, the hunter is almost ready to catch up to the prey and end the chase. One way to view it is that the hunter has gotten ahead of the prey, and is about to intercept them and take them out of the chase.


Q: Can you attempt multiple steps in a Dramatic Skill Resolution if a dilemma is showing on the Drama card?

A: No. The dilemma specifically replaces steps, and the steps must be listed in order to attempt them, and multiple steps can only be attempted in a single round if the correct steps are listed. While succeeding at the test to overcome the dilemma does complete the current step, that is a specific result of successfully solving the dilemma. There is no rule that allows additional steps to be attempted when a dilemma is showing on the Drama card (though Last Ditch Efforts are still able to be attempted).


Q: If multiple steps are showing on the Drama card, can multiple characters attempt those steps in order?

A: No. Multiple steps are only able to be completed as a Multi-Action, and any assistance from multiple characters must be part of a Combined Action.


Q: Okay, so how does the Last-Ditch Effort work with that in consideration?

A: The Last-Ditch Effort is an exception to the normal rules, covering the entire round. While it  could be done before the final round, if you do a Last-Ditch Effort, you must succeed in that round or the entire Dramatic Skill Resolution fails. One player attempts a Multi-Action to complete all the remaining steps, including those not listed on the Drama card. There is an additiona -2 penalty. If that fails, and there is another character who can take an action, it's treated as a Critical Failure and the step goes back to A. Then one person can try the final shot (at -8 because of four steps and an additional -2 penalty) and if that fails, the Dramatic Skill Resolution fails.

Spells, Miracles, and Psionics Questions

Q: Can you manifest a psionic power without anyone knowing you're doing so?

A: No. It's obvious, but not "loud". That is, if you're with someone alone, anyone out of eyesight won't realize something's going on, but anyone who can see you knows that you're doing ''something''. Whether it's pointing your finger or outstretched hand at the target, or putting your hand to your head, or having some sort of light surround your's up to the player and GM to decide the trappings.


Q: Do you have to remain in line of sight of a target of a spell, miracle, or power to maintain Concentration?

A: Yes.


Q: Can you willingly end a Concentration effect that you have cast?

A: Yes, at any time as a free action.


Q: Can you maintain abilities that have a duration of Concentration for hours on end?

A: No. At some point your mind wanders for a brief moment and you lose Concentration. Effectively they end harmlessly at the end of the scene.


Q: Can you cast a bunch of Concentration spells/miracles/psionic powers before the start of a combat?

A: Usually, no. Concentration spells/miracles/psionic powers are combat spells (as are all spells, etc that have a Casting Time of 1 Action), and the intent is for these not to be pre-cast. If you get surprise, that's your 'pre-cast'. If you need an in-game rationalization for this, there's something about the start of battle (adrenaline rush or whatever) that always breaks concentration, even if merely briefly.

Magic/miracles/psionic powers are "just weird that way".


Q: Does a spell/miracle/psionic power with Range: Touch require an attack targeting unarmed combat or melee weapons, or Dexterity?

A: No, it just means you need to be close enough to touch the person. Though if the DN is based on Dexterity or the target’s unarmed combat/melee weapons then it would be a ‘touch attack’ type spell.


Q: Can you cast a spell ''and'' manifest a psionic power as a Multi-Action? What about invoking a miracle in combination with either?

A: Unless you have the Multi-Tasker and Magister Perks, you can't cast a spell and manifest a psionic power as a Multi-Action. Miracles can never be invoked as a Multi-Action with either casting a spell or manifesting a psionic power.




Q: Does seeing through someone else's eyes (i.e. ''clairvoyance'') count as "line of sight" for the purposes of casting spells, etc.?

A: No.


Q: What exactly does the ''electromagnetic pulse'' spell affect?

A: Any electronic items that are considered gear, or are devices like lights. ''EMP'' does not affect any target that has Wounds, including beings with cyberware or occultech, robots, Hosts, or other similar creatures or cybernetic organisms.


Q: Can you clarify exactly what the pathfinder spell is capable of? Can I use it to find Bob's murderer?

A: Treat pathfinder like the telekinesis power. It allows you to do what you could do...from afar. So if you know Bob, you can find him. If Bob is disguised or shapechanged or something, you can't (or at least might not be able to). You can't look for "Bob's killer" since you wouldn't know who that was if you were there. You need to know the object in question enough to identify it when you're proximate to it. It's not just enough to look for "an" axe, but ''that'' axe. Same with the location. In other words, pathfinder can't make conclusions for you.


Q: Can you drop a target into a portal using the ''portal'' spell, or push a target through and appear 50 meters up?

A: No. There's no provision for forcing someone else through a portal, so it's trivial for even a goon to avoid. Otherwise we would have included some sort of attack roll and it would be a much more powerful spell.


Q: Can you create a portal in an area out of line of sight with the ''portal'' spell?

A: No. You must have line of sight to cast spells, invoke miracles, or manifest psionic powers.




Q: Can multiple characters invoke ''healing'' on a single individual in the same scene?

A: Yes. Each invoker can attempt it once per scene.


Q: Does the ''curse'' miracle affect the victim’s defenses?

A: No. While the section on page 70 of the corebook refers to ‘totals’ with regards to defenses, this refers to totals needed by the ''attacker''.


Q: Does ''bless'' increase skills as well as attributes

A: Yes.


Psionic Powers


Q: If you manifest ''strangle'' on a target twice, does it affect them multiple times?

A: No. A subsequent manifesting of ''strangle'' on a target replaces the previous one. Additionally, damage can only be inflicted once by a character per turn.


Q: Does ''copycat'' allow you to ‘borrow’ skills you have adds in? How many do you get if you do?

A: Yes. Your skill is treated as having adds equal to the maximum of your skill adds and the result of the ''copycat'' power.


Q: Can you give some guidance on what an important memory is with regards to the ''read mind'' psionic power?

A: Exactly what constitutes an "important" memory is up to the GM, but should usually be interpreted in context of what is most dramaticwith respect to the current adventure. While the birthday of a child is certainly important to a person, their smartphone password likely has more relevance to the adventure.


Q: Can you do [insert action here] with ''telekinesis''?

A: It depends. Rules are permissive, not restrictive. They tell you what you can do, and how...and if there are restrictions on those things (or on other rules). They don't grant abilities they, or a related rule, doesn't provide.  Telekinesis allows you to: lift things with your mind, using Mind instead of Strength, and a limited ability to fly. It clarifies you use your own skills to do things. That's it. So if you can do what you can normally do, just with those differences? Go to town, and probably use the same rules.  If not, that's an ability a higher Axiom power could provide.

Reality Questions

Q: How do I judge weird edge cases involving the reality rules?

A: The best way to decide how reality rules interact in edge cases is to go with what you feel is ‘right’ and then explain how it works afterwards. If that reasoning is ‘reasonable’ it’s fine. Since the reality rules in ''Torg Eternity'' are not actually physical, and we developed them according to the result we wanted, not forming them from first principles, there will be inconsistencies and contradictions (sorry) and if you think too hard about them your brain will break.


Q: Can you clarify what you have to roll during a Surge?

A: If you are a native of the cosm, you don't roll, unless you have a tool that is contradictory to your own cosm. At which point that's a Four Case Contradiction. If you are not a native of the cosm, you always roll, and it's a One Case Contradiction, unless you have a tool that is both contradictory to your cosm, and the cosm you're in.


Q: If you know a miracle, spell, psionic power, or some other ability that is both contradictory to you, and to the cosm your're in, what kind of contradiction check is done during a Surge?

A: A Four Case contradiction.


Q: If a reality-rated character fires a TOW missile, is the missile treated as a Long Range Contradiction? </span>

A: Yes. The reasoning is a bit ‘hand-wavey’ but the gist is that just being in physical contact with something, especially if that object is exceptionally large or long, does not count as being in a character’s ‘possession’, even if they are able to control it in some manner.

Otherwise we have to start worrying about what constitutes what 'touching' really means. In the case of a TOW missile, if it wasn’t in flight and was lying on the ground a kilometer away, is there anything you can physically do to stop someone from cutting that wire and taking the missile?

No, so it’s not in your possession.


Q: If a Storm Knight fires a missile across a reality boundary where it is not contradictory where it's fired but inside the boundary it is a contradiction, does it explode?

A: This is treated as a Long Range Contradiction as normal. It's not contradictory when the missile would be launched, so there's no threat of disconnecting, but if the detonation happens further than one kilometer away or after 10 seconds of firing, it won't go off.


Q: Are all hardpoints strictly as listed on page 222 and 223?

A: While the immobile nature of hardpoints is strict, the area and strength of a hardpoint can vary according to the needs of the story. It is possible for them to grow and shrink, and even be destroyed utterly if the hardpoint is physically destroyed, or if all the defenders can be routed.  The typical hardpoint is described on page 223, and is a good baseline, but if you want a hardpoint to be all a Mixed Zone, or partly a Pure Zone, or be off irregular shape rather than spherical or circular, go for it! The game and the story won’t suffer if your hard point is a bit different than most.


Q: On page 228 the corebook states that technology like radio and satellite phones still work in low-tech areas. However, on page 180 the Long-Range Contradictions section says they only work over a distance of 1000 meters. Which is the case?

A: Page 228 is incorrect. Communication via radio waves only works over a distance of 1000 meters. Essentially it's not just the transmitter or receiver that may be contradictory, but it's also the modulated radio wave itself. Once it passes 1000 meters, the contradiction is resolved by randomizing the modulation, effectively turning the signal into static. This means that Storm Knights are effectively isolated from the outside world once inside the Living Land, Aysle, or Orrorsh (to a lesser degree as telegraphs are not contradictory there).


Q: Do Storm Knights disconnect at all outside of Surges and contradiction tests?

A: Yes, but those disconnections are brief and occur during time periods where nothing interesting is going on so we don’t bother rolling for reconnection (or checking for transformations). One way to rationalize this is that the Everlaw of One pays particular attention during stressful periods.


Q: How Fast do Ords disconnect?

A: Fairly quickly. The Everlaw of One pays particular attention when beings get stressed, and a reality invasion is pretty stressful. However, even if Ords didn’t use contradictory items (including spells, miracles, and psionics) any communication or thinking of contradictory concepts (like specific times in the Living Land) would eventually attract the attention of the Everlaw of One.


Q: When Ords disconnect how slowly do they forget concepts native to their own reality?

A: When disconnected a character cannot create contradictions. That doesn’t mean that they can’t have contradictory thoughts, just that they can’t do anything with them. So a disconnected wizard still knows about magic, how spells work, but can’t actually cast them. A soldier with a gun knows how to shoot a firearm, but it won’t work. A priest knows the proper incantations and has faith, but can’t invoke a contradictory miracle.  The speed of forgetting old concepts and picking up on new ones varies by individual, but is on the order of months rather than days or weeks, but certainly occurs by the time a year is up.


Q: How do Ord agents, either from the Delphi Council or the High Lords prevent themselves from disconnecting?

A: While Ords are in danger of instantly transforming once they disconnect, they can be trained to reduce the probability of disconnection accidentally by ‘going native’ as much as possible, saving their non-native abilities for when danger arrives. This includes being careful about what to talk about so as to not violate a lower Social Axiom. Additionally, High Lords in particular often supply talismans to their agents to act as an island of their reality to allow reconnections to occur, make plans, and the use of contradictory tools.


Q: How do you roleplay someone who is disconnected in the Living Land given the low Social and Tech Axioms?

A: The important thing to remember is that the Social Axiom is just like the others. While the character may know the concepts, he can’t use them. He can’t communicate them. So a character wouldn’t forget about the concept of nations, or the organization of armies, but he can’t benefit from that organization.  When he actually tries, it gets flubbed up. He gets confused, or can’t properly put the terms into words. Concepts like time are known, but exact times can’t be communicated.


Q: What happens if you disconnect in your own reality (by say, using an item above your axiom) and you roll a Mishap when attempting to reconnect?

A: You reconnect but your contradictory stuff transforms.


Q: Does a Storm Knight’s equipment transform if they’re holding onto it?

A: No. A Storm Knight’s equipment only transforms if they transform themselves.


Q: If you are a non-human and you transform from the native reality your race is from, do you lose your Racial Perks?

A: It depends on if the Perk is still "appropriate" for the new reality, and that's a GM's call.


Q: Can you give some guidance with how to rule what skills should change when a character transforms?

A: We don't want the character to suddenly have useless skills, especially if they've put a lot of adds into them or if they're going to take a hit on spells, miracles, etc being significantly downgraded in Axiom level (or in some cases eliminated like if a wizard transforms to the Living Land). Generally the player will have a good idea what they consider will make them nerfed.

Essentially consider if a native of the reality the character is being transformed to could reasonably have those skills.  The skills in particular that will likely be changed are the four magic skills, as the arcane tradition that the wizard knows will almost certainly change since they are very strongly tied to the cosm. Psionics will likely be have a similar issue. However, if the player still wishes to have that emphasis, it's not necessary to switch skills. ''Faith'' however isn't as strictly tied to the cosm, as religion doesn't change when you transform (though the character could willingly convert. ''Computers'' , the three vehicles skills, since they are mostly useful only with higher Technology Axioms, are other skills that is likely to change (or to acquire).


Q: If a character who knows spells, miracles, or psionic powers transforms, what happens to those lists?

A: GM's call again, but spellcasters and psis should choose new Perks or lists as both arcane traditions and psionic disciplines are strongly tied to the cosm they're from. However, a character's religion doesn't necessarily change since they're not tied to the cosm they're a native of. This means that the character could know some miracles that are contradictory, but as we develop the line, there are more miracle lists that include miracles that are contradictory.


Q: Can you give some guidance with how to rule what Perks should change when a character transforms?

A: Perks are a bit more likely to change than skills are (since skills are not inherently contradictory). The particular Perks that should change is a GM's call (with player input).  All Perks with prerequisites listed with a star bullet are contradictory outside the particular reality, so almost always should change. Other Perks with a specific cosm listed are also candidates for getting changed, but the GM should consider if that Perk is not completely unusual outside that cosm. Racial Perks like Edeinos, Dwarf, and Elf are more likely to not need changing.


Q: If you are using an item which causes Four Case Contradiction and roll 2, 3, or 4, do you still hit?

A: No. You disconnect immediately on rolling the Mishap and your items start phasing.


Q: When a Glory card is played how do the Ords refill with Possibility Energy, and how long does it take?

A: The Glory event releases Possibility Energy into the zone, but the story about the event must spread by word of mouth or media reports. The GM decides how long this takes, but it's usually a day or two for areas that can spread news rapidly, or a week or three for realities like the Living Land, though the Delphi Council utilizes Storm Knight Storytellers to help spread the story quicker.


Q: After Day 211 (the Nashville Incident), before you can safely pull a stela, do you need to get the multiple required Glory results in a single month?

A: No. The protection Glory results provide lasts until 30 days have passed since the last Glory.


Q: How many Glory seeds are required before Storm Knights can safely pull a stela without killing already transformed Ords in the zone?

A: It depends on if you're talking about a GM's individual campaign, or the metaplot. With regards to the GM's campaign, it's her call. The Delphi Council has many Storm Knights in the field, and it's possible that her players happened to perform the act of Glory that reaches the criteria needed. With regards to the metaplot, it varies. Some areas may need three, others could require a lot of Glory (for example, perhaps the New York zone needs five Glory seeds). See this post for more details:

Q: How do contradiction checks work for Perks that rely on a cosm's World Law?

A: Generally if you're a non-native of the cosm the particular Perk relies on, and you're also outside of that cosm, it's a 4-Case Contradiction. Otherwise it's a 1-Case Contradiction.

Gear Questions

Q:  Does the Delphi Council supply vehicles for use on a mission?

A:  Yes. Generally the Delphi Council will provide vehicles with a Value 30 or less if they deem it necessary for the mission. These vehicles will usually either be from the realm(s) the mission is in, or Core Earth. Tech 24 or higher vehicles would transform fairly quickly in Core Earth, so those vehicles would almost always only be available in their home realms.


Q:  If you already have a Hexxer Mk1 and get a Hexxer Mk2, how much does it cost?

A:  The Hexxer Mk2 includes the abilities of the Hexxer Mk1, so it only costs another $5,000 to upgrade to the Mk2.

Threat Questions

Q: If a Special Ability has a specific Approved Action as a trigger, can that ability be used when the Approved Action is "Any"?

A: Yes.


Q: Do poison effects stack?

A: Yes. If the effect of the poison includes something like a penalty, that penalty increases for each time


Q: What miracles does Baruk Kaah know?

A: All of the ones listed in the Gotak list in the ''Living Land Sourcebook'' and the Keta Kalles list in ''Torg Eternity'' at a minimum.

Adventures Questions

Day One

Q: We're playing the Day One adventures with 2/3/4 Storm Knights, and we're finding them really tough. Are we doing something wrong.

A: The Day One adventures have been designed with all six of the pregenerated characters in play. So playing with 4 or less will be tough, and we recommend either reducing the opposition in numbers or power, or adding some 'red shirts' to the heroes' side to take some heat off of them. Additionally if you're playing with only one or two Storm Knights, you'll want to take a look elsewhere in this FAQ for some suggestions with playing with fewer than four PCs.