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Grappling is an unarmed combat test. If successful, it can restrain a foe and even cause Strength damage. (In some cases the GM may allow the use of melee weapons instead, such as when using a bullwhip or net or using a staff or baton to hold someone.) The success level determines the effect:

  • Standard: The attacker strikes his target and does Strength –2 damage (if he chooses).
  • Good: The attacker strikes with Strength damage (if he chooses) and restrains his foe—see below.
  • Outstanding: As a Good result, but the foe is also Stymied.

The defender is Flat Footed to all attacks, and may not move. On his turn he may only attempt to break free. This is an opposed test of Strength with his captor. Success ends the restraint but costs the victim’s action. A Good or Outstanding success breaks free and he may act normally.