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A character can attempt to do two or more things in a round by taking a Multi-Action. To do so, the player declares all the actions her character will attempt and applies a −2 penalty for each extra action. If a Storm Knight wants to do three things, for example, she suffers a –4 penalty to all of them. Generate a single bonus for all the actions, apply the penalty and any other modifiers, then resolve each in whatever order she chooses (or makes sense).

Modifiers besides the Multi-Action penalty are applied to the relevant part of the test separately. If intimidating someone then firing at a target shrouded in darkness, for example, only apply the darkness penalty to the fire combat total. If any of the actions were an attack, compare the total to each target’s defense and apply effects and damage separately. Roll any bonus damage separately as well.

Repeating Actions
Characters cannot use the same skill more than once in a Multi-Action. A hero can’t make two fire combat attacks, for example. She can use the [[Multi-Targeting]] rules, however).

A character may not invoke more than one spell, miracle, or psionic power in a single turn. This is explained further in Magic, Miracles, and Psionics.