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Storm Knights, Stormers, and some creatures have Possibilities they can use to enhance their chances of success.

Starting Possibilities

Player characters reset to three Possibilities at the start of each act (more if they have certain Perks).

Enhancing a Test

Any time a character attempts an action, the player can spend a Possibility to roll another die and add it to the die roll. Only one Possibility may be spent per action. Possibility Energy is potent, so any die roll of less than 10 is ignored and is treated as 10 instead (though without a further reroll).


Storm Knights can use their reality skill to Soak Shock and Wounds. It doesn't matter what causes them--physical or mental damage, Fatigue, or even certain special abilities. This represents the character bending reality and choosing a version of events that ended more favorably for her. To Soak damage, the injured character spends a Possibility and makes a reality test immediately after the damage is determined but before it actually takes effect. This is a free action, and can even be attempted if the character is KOed. The DN is Standard (10), and negates the following injuries:

  • Standard: One Wound and all Shock.
  • Good: Two Wounds and all Shock.
  • Outstanding: All Wounds and Shock.

Soaking does not restore existing Shock or Wounds.