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Shock is stress and minor physical injuries. When a character suffers Shock beyond his maximum (usually equal to his Spirit), hes Knocked Out (see below). Additional Shock beyond this limit is ignored. Shock fades at the rate of one per minute as long as the individual isn't in combat or some other stressful situation. Stormers and Storm Knights can also spend Possibilities to restore Shock, see Soaking Damage, below.


Knocked Out

If a character is Knocked Out (KOed) from Shock or other circumstances, hes unconscious and out of the fight for 30 minutes or until the end of the scene (GM's call). He may also be revived with a successful first aid test. A KOed character regains Shock normally. KOed characters can take no actions, including free actions, spending Possibilities, or trading/playing Destiny Cards.


Shock is recovered immediately after a fight or other stressful situation ends unless the Game Master feels there's no opportunity to rest. This might occur during a long pursuit, in a generally dangerous situation (such as the middle of a battlefield), scaling a perilous mountain without sufficient stops, etc. When the game is in rounds (such as during combat, a chase, or Dramatic Skill Resolution), a character may sacrifice an entire turn to recover 2 Shock (no movement or other actions are allowed while Recovering). Recovery isn't possible while engaged in melee, so find someplace safe!