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When it’s important to the story, finding shelter, food, and water, navigating the wilderness, and avoiding disease, sunstroke, frostbite and other environmental conditions are all uses of the survival skill.

The first day a character spends in the wild without supplies (or without shelter in harsh conditions), she makes a survival skill test. A Standard success provides food, water, and relative safety for one person for one day. A Good success provides for up to five people, and an Outstanding success provides for 10. (Larger finds should be part of the story and indicate a settlement, cache, oasis, etc.) Those who go without sufficient water suffer 1 Shock every day, and 1 Shock every other day without food. Once an individual is KO’ed, she takes a Wound per day until she expires.

This Shock can only be recovered by drinking or eating (GM’s call how much). A cup of water or some food scraps might stave off Shock loss for a day while an actual meal allows the characters to recover.


Publication: Core Rules