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Sometimes a character in combat needs to hold her action. If she’s prepared, she can anticipate and even interrupt her enemies. On her action, a player may declare her character is Waiting. She can then take her action during the other side’s initiative at a −2 penalty. This carries over from one round to the next until the character acts. Waiting consumes a character’s turn. If she gets a new turn from a Flurry, for example, she can continue to Wait or take her turn normally. Player characters may not play Destiny cards into their pool when Waiting, but may do so after they’ve acted.

If she wants to interrupt an opponent, she must say so after the Game Master has announced the foe’s action but before he rolls any dice to determine the results. The two characters roll a contest of Dexterity to see who acts first. The interrupted character generates a total first, then the interrupting character tests, including the –2 penalty for Waiting. If the interruption makes the foe’s action impossible, that action is lost.